Work Conditioning Program 866.576.3218

Work Conditioning is a graded exercise program designed to assist a patient in regaining sufficient physical function to return to work.  Work Conditioning typically lasts, but is not limited to, five days per week, 2 – 5 hours per day.  Work Conditioning addresses the physical components of 1) muscular strength, 2) muscular endurance, 3) muscular coordination, 4) flexibility, 5) cardio-respiratory stamina, and 6) real or simulated work activities.  Work Conditioning is always tailored to the functional level of each patient and includes safety training and body mechanics education.

Patients should come to these programs dressed in comfortable exercise clothes, with sturdy comfortable shoes. All standard medications should be taken and braces or TENS units typically worn by the patient should be brought to the Functional Capacity Evaluation.


Work Conditioning Locations:

Anderson: 765.641.7605 / FAX 765.641.7607

Bloomington: 812.336.8406 / FAX 812.336.8342

East Progressive Work Center: 317.898.3500 / FAX 317.898.2585

Franklin: 317.738.4401 / FAX 317.738.4470

Lafayette: 765.477.6464 / FAX 765.477.6262

Shelbyville: 317.421.0244 / FAX 317.421.0245

West Progressive Work Center: 317.486.2186 / FAX 317.486.2188