Progressive Work Centers

The Progressive Work Centers are a specialized arena within Advanced Physical Therapy that focus on high level worker's compensation rehabilitation.

Exercise Conditioning
Exercise conditioning is a specialized rehabilitation program that focuses on strengthening, aerobic conditioning and flexibility. The program typically runs 3 times a week for 2-3 hours per day.

Work Conditioning Program
Work Conditioning is a graded exercise program designed to assist a patient in regaining sufficient physical function to return to work.  Work Conditioning typically lasts, but is not limited to, five days per week, 2 – 5 hours per day.  Work Conditioning addresses the physical components of 1) muscular strength, 2) muscular endurance, 3) muscular coordination, 4) flexibility, 5) cardio-respiratory stamina, and 6) real or simulated work activities.  Work Conditioning is always tailored to the functional level of each patient and includes safety training and body mechanics education. 

Functional Capacity Evaluation
A Functional Capacity Evaluation is a standardized evaluation that assesses a patient’s maximal physical ability and functional limitations.  Areas of testing include:  1) range of motion, 2) muscular strength, 3) muscular endurance, 4) cardio-respiratory endurance, and 5) performance of a wide array of functional activities (climbing, bending, squatting, pushing…).  Functional Capacity Evaluations are performed in one day, lasting from 5 – 8 hours. Click HERE for our latest improvements to better serve our clients.

Patients should come to these programs dressed in comfortable exercise clothes, with sturdy comfortable shoes. All standard medications should be taken and braces or TENS units typically worn by the patient should be brought to the Functional Capacity Evaluation.