Our Mission Statement

Advanced Physical Therapy is committed to superior patient care while maintaining the highest integrity and fiscal soundness for the benefit of our customers and employees.

For APT's Employee Corporate Compliance Code of Conduct, click HERE.

We will be respected as a company of the highest ethical standards.  Therefore, we will always:

Operate honestly and with integrity

• Act in the best interest of our customers

• Provide fair treatment to our patients and employees

• Demonstrate a caring attitude

• Abide by state and federal guidelines 


We will act in a responsible manner.  Therefore, we will always:

• Provide clear expectations, training and performance feedback

• Speak up when we can improve

• Communicate effectively

• Promote and provide a safe work environment

• Be personally accountable for our actions 


We are committed to excellence.  Therefore, we will always:

• Strive to make APT "user friendly"

• Develop and recognize superior skills and achievements

• Improve our quality and processes

• Exceed goals

• Maintain fiscal soundness

• Share a mutual desire to succeed as a team

• Make customer service our number one priority  


We recognize that life should be a balance of work and personal time.  Therefore,
we will always:

• Recognize the importance of time spent with our families

• Encourage and support a positive attitude

• Operate as a team

• Foster loyalty to each other and the company

• Always treat each other with respect