Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)


OSHA Voluntary Protection Program


The Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) promotes effective worksite-based safety
and health management.  Under VPP, Management, Labor, and OSHA establish a
cooperative relationship committed to a comprehensive safety and health management system.

OSHA created this program for those organizations serious about reducing accidents
and associated costs.  Obtaining VPP Merit or Star status is OSHA’s official recognition
of exemplary occupational safety and health programs. 


VPP Key Elements:

  • Management, Labor, and OSHA cooperation and commitment.
  • Conducting a Gap Analysis to determine where to start.
  • Submitting the VPP Application.
  • Methods and Strategies to Reduce Injury & Illnesses.
  • Efficient and effective Safety Management Systems.
  • Management and Labor VPP Awareness Training.
  • Ongoing maintenance and an Annual Report submitted to OSHA.


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