Post Offer Evaluations

Post Offer Evaluations assesses each applicant’s ability to perform the essential
functions of a specific job

Employers frequently hire an employee who either becomes injured on the job shortly after starting or, was potentially injured before they started.  What if you could legally screen your potential new hires to ensure they can perform the job-specific physical components of the position?  Enter the Post Offer Evaluation. 

Post Offer Evaluation Benefits:

  • Reduce injury rates.  Especially injury rates of new hires employees.
  • Return on Investment.  Our average POE client realizes a 9 to 1 rate of return.
  • ADA and HIPAA compliant.


How It Works:

The development of a Post Offer Evaluation requires a Functional Job Description.  
A consultant will develop a physical simulation of the job, based on the FJD.  This simulation will include parts and equipment from your own facility to ensure accuracy of the simulation.  Your employees and supervisors will review the simulation for validation purposes and to help establish minimal "Passing Criterion”Once a “Passing Criterion” has been established, all new hires for that position will be put through the test. 


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