On-Site Injury Triage


On-site injury triage saves valuable time and money.


Our unique medical model addresses employee discomfort before it becomes a recordable injury.  Our on-site specialists work with your employees to address discomforts at the workstation (on the production floor or in the office).  Let our specialists become a critical component of your effort to decrease cost.


On-Site Injury Triage Benefits:

  • Reduce OSHA Recordables.
  • Reduce work-related medical visits.
  • Increase early reporting.


How It Works:

Our injury prevention specialist will interact with employees in the office, on the production floor, or in the laboratory, while they work.  Our specialists observe and coach employees at their work site, and provide educational information to keep employees healthy and safe while on, and away from, the job.  They also encourage employees to report minor sprains and strains as early as possible so they can be addressed before becoming recordable injuries (creating more lost time).  This service
is available on an “as needed” basis or as a full-time, Occupational Injury Management System. 


For more information about this service,  please call us at 317.390.5590.