Office Ergonomics


Office work-related injuries are on the rise; don’t overlook your office staff. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly half of all office related injuries
are of the sprain/strain variety.  Evaluating your office for ergonomic risk factors could dramatically reduce this number in your workplace.  Adopting a proactive ergonomics policy begins with assessing your office workforce for ergonomic risk.


Office Ergonomics Benefits:

  • Increase office productivity.

  • Increase employee morale and comfort.

  • Decrease office work-related injuries.


How It Works:

A consultant will come to your facility and observe specified workstation(s) (video/photo may be necessary) to collect ergonomic data.  A detailed report will be generated that outlines an ergonomic assessment of improper/risky body mechanics, force, repetition, vibration, and environmental conditions for each workstation.  We educate employees regarding proper workstation setup and/or recommend necessary equipment changes (our consultants are not paid on commission for recommending equipment).

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