Job Site Analysis (JSA)

Advanced Worksite Solutions Job-Site Analysis can help identify and eliminate
ergonomic risks to your workforce. 

When it comes to the relationship between workplace ergonomics and your company’s bottom line, the famous adage still holds true, “Good Ergonomics = Good Economics.”  Adopting a proactive ergonomics policy begins with assessing your workplace for ergonomic risk. 


JSA Benefits:

  • Decrease work-related injuries.
  • Maximize existing resources.
  • Cost effective equipment recommendations (where necessary).
  • Increase employee morale.

How It Works:

A consultant will come to your facility and observe a specified task(s) (video/photo
may be necessary) to collect ergonomic data.  The provided report outlines a detailed assessment of improper/risky body mechanics, force, repetition, vibration, and environmental conditions in your work environment.  We adapt the individual where possible, and make cost-effective equipment recommendations where appropriate.

Still have questions?  Please call us at 317.390.5590. To view a sample JSA click here.