Functional Job Descriptions

Functional Job Descriptions replace general job descriptions utilized by most
companies today.

Most general job descriptions include a minimal overview of the basic tasks performed
and a general recommendation of weights each employee should be able to lift to
perform the job.  The Functional Job Description employed by Advanced Consulting & Ergonomics, expands on this basic information to include the functional weights and movements required of the job.  In addition, they are ADA compliant and will hold up
in court. 

Functional Job Description Benefits:

  • Standard job descriptions for all positions

  • Detailed overview for medical professionals to return injured
    employees to work.

  • Provides the groundwork for developing Post Offer Evaluations.

How It Works:

A consultant will come to your facility and interview current employees and/or
supervisors in this position.  Following the interview(s), the consultant will observe
employees performing the job and collect all relevant data.  This information is
integrated into a report outlining all of the essential physical requirements of the job.
It’s that easy!

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