Fit for Duty

Employees returning to work after an extended absence can pose a significant risk to themselves, as well as to the company.  Our Fit for Duty evaluations provide realistic expectations for returning employees back to full duty after an extended absence (injury or otherwise).



  • Prevent new injuries that may occur as a result of deconditioning.

  • Protects the company and the employee from re-injury.

  • Provides the foundtion to develop a Transitional Duty plan that returns employees to full duty, as quickly and safely as possible.

How It Works:

Our specialist meets with the returning employee to review all job functions and current medical restrictions.  The evaluation results are integrated into a report detailing job functions that the employee is approved to return to, as well as a list of protective limitations that should be followed to prevent injury/re-injury.  Our specialists can also detail an appropriate Transitional Duty plan that keeps the employee productive and safe while returning to full duty.      


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