Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What sort of Return on Investment should I expect?

A:  We continuously update our ROI metrics.  If you would like a copy of our current
ROI figures, please contact us at 317.390.5590.


Q:  My company is interested in developing a Post Offer Evaluation, but we
don’t have a Functional Job Description for the job.  Do we need one?

A:  Yes.  A Functional Job Description is required before a Post Offer Evaluation can be


Q:  How is a Post Offer Evaluation different from a pre-employment medical screening?

A:  Unlike a pre-employment medical screening, a Post Offer Evaluation specifically
measures the potential new hire’s ability to perform the essential physical functions
of the job.  This evaluation is used for new hire candidates and can be used for
intra-company transfers.


Q: Will the Post Offer Evaluation hold up in court? 

A:  The Advanced Worksite Solutions POE is legally defensible and compliant
with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.


Q:  Will Advanced Worksite Solutions assist us if an individual challenges
the POE?

A:  Absolutely!  We will testify for your organization and/or provide case information
outlining the defensibility of the Post Offer.


Q:  My company is interested in a Transitional Duty program, but our
employee has not had a Fit for Duty evaluation.  Do we need one?

A:  Yes.  A Transitional Duty program cannot be developed without aFit for Duty


Q:  Our operation is different than most, how do we know which services are
suited for our site?

A:   Systems and solutions that work for some companies, may not work for others. 
If we do not have an existing service that meets your needs, we can customize a
solution for you. The easiest way to determine the suitability of our services for your
company is to call us at 317-390-5590.


Q:  Does Advanced Worksite Solutions charge a travel fee for their services?

A:  This is determined by on a case by case basis.  Factors that are considered include distance from our headquarters, and the number of services that you may need. 


Q:  How is the On-Site Injury Triage service different from an on-site nurse
or ealth care professional?

A:  In a more traditional model, when an employee is injured on the job, the employee
leaves their workstation to report to an on-site health care provider.  If a health care
provider is not on-site, then the employee is sent off-site to a local health care facility.
Our system reduces lost-time by meeting with employees at their actual job-site and encouraging early reporting of discomfort before it becomes an injury.  Our specialists
are licensed allied health care providers who treat musculoskeletal sprains
and strains. 


Q:  When you say “health care professional,” what does that mean?

A:  Currently, our injury triage specialists are Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs).  In professional and amateur sports, athletic trainers function as first responders to
evaluate nd treat injured athletes on and off the field.  Applying the sports medicine
model to the industrial athlete is a rapidly growing area for the ATC.


Q:  What happens if an employee suffers a serious acute injury on the job
and we have an On-Site Injury Triage specialist?

A:  Our specialists are licensed health care providers who primarily treat
musculoskeletal sprains and strains.  If an employee suffers a serious acute injury (i.e. broken bone, etc.) that employee should immediately report to an occupational health center on/off-site or emergency room, depending on the severity of the injury.  Our specialists can assist in this process, however, they can only help triage the injury until appropriate emergency medical care arrives.


Q:  Does Advanced Worksite Solutions work outside the state of Indiana ?

A:  Yes.  While our headquarters is located in Indianapolis , we actively seek national opportunities.


Q:  What is the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)?

A:  VPP is a health and safety management system developed in conjunction with OSHA.
For more information please visit the OSHA website.